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MKMMA—week 9…Flowers and Right thinking

“Nature provides not only enough but abundantly, wastefully, lavishly, we realize that any lack of limitation is only the limitation which has been made by an artificial method of distribution.”—Haanel, part 9

In other words, The universe shows me its magnificent splendor, as an example of the abundance available to us. …I need to raise my 20 watt understanding, to match the world’s million watt possibilities,  that are not only floating around me, but in me, through every cell of my body,  every atom of my being.— to quote Haanel once again,…..”To think correctly is therefore to enter into the “Secret Place of the Most High.”—-to think correctly, accurately, we must know the truth.”—To know the truth is to be in harmony with  the infinite. IMG_0180(2)    IMG_0066

I Love nature and it’s grand display of perfection and love…When I see a delicate flower, I see it’s fragility and incredible beauty, it’s divine and perfect symmetry. But upon deeper looking, I see it’s intelligence and harmony as it has picked the leeward side of a rock for shade from the harsh mountain sun and the fierce winds that blow…IMG_0152(2).but it is in harmony with the wind because the wind brought its seeds to drop and grow in this ideal spot where there is also more moisture… Its delicate roots spread out in the moist soil and grows. Since conditions are favorable, the flower grows into more flowers….My camera captures the story again and again.  I have deep emotional connection with the flower, to It’s ethereal construction. It’s perfectness is irresistible to me. It touches  my heart, my soul…I think of the “truth” of this wonderful flower…Its every moment of life is to express perfection… I see health, beauty, abundance, my love for and the love that grew this flower are one and the same…there is no separation…There never has been…separateness is only inaccurate thinking….“To think correctly is therefore to enter into the “Secret Place of the Most High.” —To know the truth is to be in harmony with  the Infinite…

IMG_0146(3)I take more pictures, and every perfect flower displays the the thought,  “I am whole perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  As I wander among them, I realize that I cannot be anything else but the same….The flowers and I are from the same “Truth”….I am in the flow

Are you in the Flow?

Are you in the Flow?


MKMMA—lost week 8

Hello One and All!…I’m very sorry for the lateness of this post…I’ve got new duds!…how do you like it? It has taken me several days in between a lot of work for my regular job, and life to work on how to set this new site up. I’ve down loaded some pictures I’ve taken while out wandering in the Sierra Nevada Mountains….


In fact I’ve down loaded over 1600 pictures I’ve taken over the years…I thought a few pictures of flowers appropriate as Haanel talks of visualizing flowers this week…Enjoy, and I’ll get to writing for this weeks post..May Y’all have a great holiday!

Week 8 MKMMA

Greetings!….Well, Im late again, but I just got me a shiny new hosted blog. I feel like I just went to Brooks Brothers and bought a new suit! I’m very excited about it. Now I have to learn how to add stuff like pictures, photos. I have much homework in front of me. I did add the header picture. It’s one that I took at one of my favorite camping spots in the Sierras….Brings to mind instant wonderful memories. Looking at the scene is a form of practicing the law of substitution. Any negative vaporizes when I ponder the beautiful image….And when I want, I now have access to 1600 more pictures that I took in the same area! Here’s one now!cropped-IMG_0097.jpg



and below is another!— I feel like a kid with a new bike! This blog is going to be my new home. I know a lot of wonderful and amazing things are going to born on this palette over the ensuing months. One of my PPN’s is recognition for creative expression…IMG_0009(3)

what a venue!

—so, back to this week…the 7 day mental diet…my mind is in a constant state of “low level overwhelm”….coming face to face with my own constant stream of conscious negativity, is very humbling and more than a bit depressing….Yesterday, I did come to an epiphany about it all…Of course the answer was given several weeks ago and has been talked about by others in MKMMA, but for me, it finally stood up and waved at me saying, “He!y, Dennis I’m over here, use me!” that of course would be the law of substitution….2 thoughts can’t occupy the same space, so trade the junk for the divine! What a concept!—Now, driving down the highway, which I do everyday all day, when a less than elegant thought pops up, I start yelling ….What else….”I can be what I will to be!” or, “I’m in the FLOW!!!!—Pattern interrupt….

The battle ship exercise…the exercise is very intriguing, but I substituted an example from an excerpt from the Buddhist Monk Thich Nat Hanh. He asks the person about to take a bite of food, “where did this food come from? Is it locally grown, is it organic (no GMO’s)—who grew it? how much love and work went into the tending of the plants? How about the magic life giving elements of the sun and water that to brings life to the plant. How about the divine love that created the plant that was put on Mother earth just to nurture us….With every bite we consume the divine…Isn’t it wonderfully exquisite?—It’s easy to see, we TRULY are all one…Hello my brothers and sisters of the divine…Your love touches me, and my love touches you…