MKMMA-Week 10

In the thick of it now…week 10 and all the novelty has worn off.  All the exercises and readings have now been done hundreds of times and the freshness is now something that must be created from within with every read, every sit, every recitation of my blue print and DMP.  Mark warned us in this weeks video. “Don’t perform the exercises like a laundry list. Engage with them.” It’s all a meditation. I must be present in each moment of each exercise….My mantra…Slow down…bring grace and skill to these moments of reading and recitation….. focusing on each word, hearing my voice, feeling my breath…..Feeling  the confidence and joy in my heart….I will persist and I will win.

During Trish’s read of this week’s lesson, she digressed and made a statement that I interpreted something like this: ” What is the pay off for your excuses you make to not be, not do, not create?”  Hit me like a ton of bricks….Then I thought…Addiction…as sad and sick as it sounds, addiction. addiction the the wrong chemicals that we get for our behaviors…Then I remembered what Mark had said in Lesson 4. Why do I keep doing the same things that get me  the same things and circumstances that I hate?—-bad drugs

It’s time to substitute good habits for bad ones.  Take the focus off me and give, give, GIVE!!!! to others…Give More, Get More…I’m in the flow!

After reading this weeks lesson the other night, I went to bed and I fell asleep. I had a dream that All of us in the alliances were forming a thought chain of harmony and love. A focused thought chain. Thought is energy, and 500 of us were all thinking the same thought. We were an unbroken circuit, we became one and a human dynamo. The thoughts went from one to the next and as the thought went from one of us to another, It gained strength and speed like a hurricane. All of sudden we were all magnificent and powerful,  the thoughts lifted each and all of us and we suddenly realized that we were powerful beyond measure, not afraid of our greatness. We began to send huge, loving thoughts into the pool of the world and huge waves touched all who were in its path. —It was so exciting it woke me up!—

the residue that is left over from that dream that stays with me, is how incredible it is to be a part of a group of 500 harmonious, like minded luminous beings.

NAMASTE…and Peace Be The Journey!



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2 thoughts on “MKMMA-Week 10

  1. David

    YIKES! Thank you for the additional reinforcement of Mark’s words. I’m in total alignment with this. It has to come from inside, the “world within.” And your dream is HUGE! What a gift! Mega Mahalo, ~David


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