MKMMA—week 12 admissions of guilt

“The Tyranny of the urgent.” I first heard this phrase used by a very successful  MLM er. He was referring to of course, how people let the matters of day to day diffuse their focus to a large degree, thereby stopping their progress toward a powerful larger goal and keeping it from happening.

This last month has been challenging indeed! My business was crushed during the recession, but now has been gaining momentum, so much so, that I’ve had little time for much else. I work with interior designers who among other things sell window coverings and that’s where I come in. It’s a very stressful business because the finished product has to look and work with a high degree of precision and quality. Picture being married to 15 to 20 wives or husbands a week  and you are working on their pet project . The holidays are  especially trying. To the emotional customer, it’s not window coverings, but life saving organ transplants  in just the nick of time!

To add to that, All the family is now home for the holidays, my office has become a bedroom. Everyone wanting me to go here, go there, “let’s do  this, let’s do that,” I feel very discombobulated!“—– I haven’t been keeping my promises.

For my entire life I’ve always given away my personal power, putting in the background my inner desires and wishes.  Leaving me with resentment and frustration and it’s happening again right now….Scattered thinking…out of balance…Tyranny of the urgent reigning supreme…….. but…there’s a silver lining in all this distraction. As this week lesson says in sentence 4, “The only way to keep from moving backward, is to move forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success!”—–At least, now I see I have a choice and to add to that, I have this wonderful MKMMA plan to guide me, to bring me back to what’s REALLY important. I will not commit sins that my future self has to pay for. I am worth it!



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2 thoughts on “MKMMA—week 12 admissions of guilt

  1. Erwin Vanslembrouck

    Dennis. Thanks for sharing your struggles. It’s okay… it’s all a process. I know so well what you’re describing… I want you to make it. It’s important for all of us that you succeed 🙂 keep moving forward my friend.

  2. David

    Ooooo… BIG belly laugh regarding the window covering as organ transplant. OMG, I totally get it (I do remodels). And, thanks for being so damned REAL. I love your imagery and then at the end… the lesson learned. Nice style. Merry Christmas to you and yours. ~David


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