MKMMA—-week 15—Self Control

This week with the Franklin Make Over has been interesting. I’ve prioritized the categories and have been diligent about observing myself and others with my number one —-self control. I really liked Trish’s definition of the difference between self control and discipline. Self control is not doing what you know you shouldn’t and discipline is doing what you know you should.

Some people are driven to coach themselves successfully and others do much better when someone is pushing them. I’ve excelled in many areas when pushed by an outside force. This is one of the main reasons I love this course. I have a virtual coach or coaches that lay out a course of action in which I’m to follow.  It seems, at least in my case, I have to have a series of goals or carrots that I hang out in front of my mind’s eye to keep me on the straight and narrow (law of substitution).  My biggest goal for many years was my annual back pack packing trip that lasted  from one to two weeks. The severity of the trip required a high degree of physical preparation, so my regimen was weight training and running for 8 months of the year. I watched my diet, studied maps, walked  the hills behind my house with a pack full of weights and dreamed daily of the first week in September. That was usually the time of my trips. Also, I had a 2 very good friends who were preparing as well to pack with me, so it was the buddy system as far as training was concerned. I didn’t want to be out of shape while they were fit and sailing past me on the trails.

I haven’t done a major trip in 15 years. As for my two friends, one is  gone,  and the other died in a tragic accident so slowly,I’ve slipped in recent years into some bad habits. That’s why I’ve chosen self control as my number 1, and it’s also a huge reason I’ve been in MKMMA. The last several years have been particularly hard. I know, it’s circumstances that I created….. Let me just say that, I was NOT thinking of my future self way back when I had a chance to leave a brighter legacy for the person who’s writing this post. I’m older and the hope and audacity of youth headed south about 7 years ago, and I kind of gave up on myself.  Gave up on my dreams. This course recently, and meditation for the last 5 years (sporadic) has been my medicine. I thank God for both. My wife who’s suffered through this whole time as well, was feeling a lot the same way, and is keenly interested on how I come out of this experience. We both feel there’s a lot on the line here and I’m damned sure going to finish this course strong. I owe it to her, but I mostly owe it to myself. It’s been a long time since I dared to dream without cynicism.  It’s time to dream with joy now…It’s time to do it now…After all the man said, you’re whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! I’m acting on that in faith and I pray for faith daily.

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2 thoughts on “MKMMA—-week 15—Self Control

  1. Claudea

    Love the heartfelt thoughts you shared here! I am so grateful for your determination for yourself and your sweet wife to finish strong! You inspire me!


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