MKMMA—week 18 —-2/6/15

Once again, Mark and Davene disperse the fog in front of my eyes….and because of it, I SEE that I and most others I know, live with happiness always receding into the sunset just before we can reach it. So many years of being embarrassed and regretting past mistakes, then switching to being fearful of what the future will bring….Rarely being grateful for what my life is bringing to me in the moment.

Lately though, I’ve been concentrating during my sit/meditation on forgiveness and gratitude and I’m doing it first thing in the morning. No ibuprofen could ever make me feel so wonderful as my meditations. First, giving myself permission to be happy now. Next, To forgive my self for sins I’ve committed either knowingly or unknowingly upon myself and others. After that, sending loving kindness to myself, others close to me and finally to all sentient beings…The feeling of joy and peace that I gain after I’ve finished almost makes me feel guilty…Getting so much for such a small price to pay in just sitting.

My PPN’s are coming alive…One of my favorites is either creating or becoming involved with a children’s charity…..Right after I committed during Hero’s journey week, I quite unexpectedly met a director for a children’s cancer foundation. This last Tuesday, I went to their facility and spent an hour with 2 of the directors who were really excited to see me. they are a non  profit and all the funding is from local business and individuals…..They moved into a new beautiful office and need window coverings…I do window coverings. I’m collaborating with the manufacturer I work for to supply this foundation with new window shades….It’s only the beginning! I can’t believe how excited I am….Wish me luck!

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4 thoughts on “MKMMA—week 18 —-2/6/15

  1. Celeste

    That is really terrific. Glad to hear of you experiencing desired shifts and changes. Enjoy the journey. There is so much more ahead.

  2. Catherine Osthaus

    What a beautiful experience you shared about your meditations. It can be such a transforming experience. I congratulate you on your exiting opportunity with the children’s cancer foundation!

  3. Christel Waltman

    “Getting so much for such a small price to pay in just sitting.” Gratitude, Joy and a new found passion..what precious blessings you are receiving. I am so exited for you…and it’s not luck you need.
    You are already covered by God’s favor and blessings. Keep asking and you will receive, keep knocking and the doors will be opened…
    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    More Blessings, favor and Abundance to You, Dennis


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