MKMMA–Week 21

Miracles.. like most people I know, I thought that most of the  miracles either took place 2000 years ago, or happened to other people I did not know….I can’t say that anymore. With a shift in perception now, it’s astonishingly easy to conclude, I can see miracles at almost any given moment. Huge miracles that when I think about it, takes my breath away…Like this living planet spinning on and on…Or simple personal miracles like listening to my wife’s rhythmic breathing at night when she’s sleeping and being so thankful for her breath and her life behind that breath. Once this train of thought is started, I begin to see layers and years of miracles that have happened. How did a young guy from Western Nevada meet this incredible woman from Duluth Minnesota???—-A miracle of amazing degree brought us together.

How is it that I would happen to come into the universe of Mark and Davene, when there’s 7 billion other people who I could have crossed paths with first?—

On  the week of the hero’s journey, I had quite a week. It was a real roller coaster emotionally. The questions of “What am I pretending not to know,” and “what would the person you intend to become do next” haunted me…I didn’t know if I was ready to answer the call, to give my self permission to become my best self……fast forward to That Thursday afternoon. I go to this home to install window coverings just like I do everyday and have done for 20 years. I meet the lady of the house( Leslie) who is excited for the new coverings. She is talking to me as I set into getting the job done. For the sake of conversation, I ask her what she does for a living. She says, “I’m a director for a children’s cancer foundation here locally”…I stopped what I was doing and looked at her in wonder and some disbelief. One of my smart goals  from the very beginning has been either create or become involved with a charitable foundation that benefited children….Leslie told me her story and how she got involved. her daughter had contracted cancer at 17. Of course it rocked her world and took as much courage to get through the nightmare as she could muster. Her daughter is now enjoying a complete remission, but Leslie decided then and there, that she would devote her time and talents to the foundation that helped her so much when  she needed it the most.

I knew right then in my heart, I had found my charity and a miracle. I have been going into people’s homes for 20 years. Never had I met a person who was an integral part of a charity. It was clear to me that I needed to get involved with this wonderful foundation. She mentioned that their financing and operation was completely financed by generous private and public groups. She also stated that the foundation had just moved into a new office complex and needed window coverings…Would I have any extras that maybe would  fit?—–Well, I first approached my sales person Sabrina, who enthusiastically agreed to help (masterminding), and together we approached our company with a proposal for them to fund and make the blinds for Leslie’s office. Both Sabrina and I agreed (of course!!) to forego our compensation to allow this gift to happen. Our Company agreed with great enthusiasm! (more masterminding!——-at least 8 people are involved with this now)

This is the first time I’ve ever done this kind of thing…This feeling that I have right now…is so wonderful…I’ve allowed my light to shine and that gives others permission for theirs to shine as well….It is so magical!—-yes, I believe in miracles!

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