Week 17—-side trip

Well It’s been quite a week!—-My wife and I have been out of town for the week and it wasn’t a vacation…although it was great to be away from home…we were gone just long enough to be grateful for getting to sleep in my own bed again….This gratitude is easier to come by when you’re staying in a 1 bedroom apartment with 4 people and sleeping on an inflatable mattress that loses air as the night progresses.—-Anyway, my routine was upended pretty much the whole week, so I’m writing about what happened during that time.

My wife and I had gone to support my youngest son in a wrongful termination mediation. He is 24 and had just started his career with an advertising and marketing agency. He was so excited that he was working in his field of study and was actually hired by a friend who he had gone to college with. It seemed like a dream come true. He realized right away that the job was going to demand a significant amount of energy and time to be successful, but he was more than up to the task….At least he thought so…Long story short…The firm he worked for thought he was not up to the task and terminated him after only 2 months….After working 60 hour weeks and volunteering to do whatever was needed, the termination caught him completely by surprise….It’s hard to watch a young man flush with unbridled enthusiasm and excitement get to learn about the harsher side of business so soon in his career….Also, not having ever been fired, or going through the channels of the EEOC (equal employment opportunity commission), none of us had any idea how the process would play out. The initial meeting between my son’s former employer, us and the mediator was difficult and awkward…there was no agreement between the parties, and in all likelihood, will be shelved in the vast back log of cases that have been on hold for years waiting to be heard by the EEOC.

The upside of this experience is that it he’s getting to see what he’s made of and pick himself up off the mat and press on….I’ve often heard what must be a cliche by now that,  “God doesn’t close one door without opening another.” Of course that sentiment is more appreciated with the advantage of time and finally seeing that indeed, there is another door that’s opened. One just has to trust the universe that the laws it operates with, are working just as they always do. Easy for me to look ahead, not so easy for our young son who’s just getting started in his life….this past week though, would have been so much harder to bear pre-MKMMA, but I am amazed how easily I’ve leaned into what I’ve learned and now trust to happen going forward. As a man once said who I admired, “it’s easier to be calm when you know the final score of the game before it’s started.”

One of the biggest takeaways from this past week was that my wife and I rallied to our son’s side to give him love and support, and no matter what the outcome, we’d always be there for him and love him. Without a doubt, he knows that. We are family!


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One thought on “Week 17—-side trip

  1. Erwin Vanslembrouck

    “I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunities in disguise…”
    Someone once told me about him missing a flight. He was so angry and disappointed, till the moment later on, when he heard that the plane had crashed… It’s all about trust and letting go right ? Love the last phrases of your post 🙂


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